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Comfortable carpet.

Our carpets come in such a diverse range of styles, colour and construction for every situation. Luxury feel or of investment quality, undyed wools, you have to see it to believe it.

Cut Twist Pile 

Loops are cut to an even finish and constructed with a high twisted yarn causing the pile to lie in different directions.


Is a synthetic fibre manufactured from man-made materials. Provides long term resilience, durability and stain resistance.


Natural health benefits. Wool carpets provide unsurpassed luxurious softness, they are renowned for outstanding performance and natural health benefits, a natural ability to regulate air moisture, control humidity and absorb pollutants can help improve the air quality in your home .

Multi level loop

Created by using loops of various heights to create a textured appearance. Multi level loop is also known as high-low loop pile. High and low loops are used in random or sequence to create textured patterns. The loops in the carpet make it extremely durable for medium to high-traffic areas.

Wool blends

Wool blend carpets are most often a mix of 80% wool and 20% synthetic fibre but are available in varying blends, including the latest wool bamboo fibre blend. Mixing synthetic fibre with wool helps to hold the twist definition in some carpet styles, improving the durability and reducing shedding from short fibres.


With Feltex carpets you're always guaranteed style, design integrity, luxury and of course, quality. Feltex carpets come in a range of cut pile and loop pile styles and there are many variations within each. Play with pattern and texture, with the diverse choice of Feltex carpet styles you can find the perfect combination to make a statement on your floor. Feltex carpets are high quality wool and wool blend, and with 80 years of manufacturing experience you can definitely rely on them for a top notch product!

• Spinifex (100% Wool, Loop Pile, 8 Colours)

• Broyden (Wool Blend, Cut Twist Pile, 7 Colours)

• Queensbury (Wool Blend, Plush , 9 Colours)

• Salisbury ( 100% Wool, Loop Pile, 6 Colours)

• Stefano (100% Wool, loop pile, 7 colours)

• Barleystone (100% Wool, loop pile with fleck, 8 colours)

• Corinthian (Wool Blend, Plush, 6 Colours)

• 13th Beach (100% Wool, Loop Pile, 6 Colours)

• Stonefield (100% Wool, Loop Pile, 10 Colours)

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Goats hair carpet, extra heavy duty, enormous range of colours.

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Godfrey Hirst

• Bondi (cut pile twist)

• Royal Gem (cut pile twist, nylon)

• eco inspirational (cut pile twist, eco+, triexta)

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